Vizomax TV screen protector has the following applications: LCD TV screen protector, LED TV screen protector, Plasma TV screen protector, flat screen TV screen protector. Our premium Plasma / LCD / LED TV Screen Protector blocks 96% to 99% of the harmful UV radiation. Our antiglare LED TV screen protector, LCD TV Screen Protectors and plasma TV screen protector block over 99% of harmful UV emissions. Anti-scratch on our premium and antiglare TV screen protectors prevents easy scratching from abuse and children activities. Our TV screen protectors have increased 1/4 inch thickness that both ensures sufficient screen protection and prevents the Vizomax TV screen protector from flexing in front of the TV display. Vizomax TV screen protectors are manufactured to fit Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sanyo, Vizio, Panasonic, Philips, RCA, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Pioneer, Hitachi, Insignia, Magnavox, Element, Haier, Sylvania, Viore, Seiki, AOC, Proscan, Apex, Sceptre, Sceptre, Mitsubishi .. and virtually all other LED, LCD and Plasma TVís with 26, 32, 37, 40, 42, 46, 47, 50, 52, 55, 60 and 65 inch screen diagonal.

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About our Brand:

Vizomax is a brand that speaks high quality and elegance. The TV screen protectors that carry the Vizomax brand are designed to perfection that started with the invention of the attachable TV screen protector by an inventor. Our professional team runs the operation to provide you Ė our customers with the best customer experience possible. We take nothing for granted and continually deliver the best TV screen protector on the US market. You are welcomed to contact us with any questions about your Vizomax TV screen protector regardless of whether you have purchased it from our official website or from a retailer.


Thousands of families and institutions across America use Vizomax TV screen protectors.

Our team has dedicated research resources that in collaboration with inventors and research groups continually deliver superior high quality products with the most elegant appearance. When you consider our over 9 years of TV screen protector improvement efforts, it is not a surprise that we set the quality standards in the industry.††††††


100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer 60-day Money Back Guarantee on all Vizomax TV screen protectors. If for any reason you are not satisfied you can return the TV Screen Protector for a refund. We will refund the product value less shipping charges for undamaged items in original packaging.


Reseller / Distributor Information:

We have a range of resellers and distributors across the US. With our ability to provide a range of services from drop-shipping to in-store delivery we can meet the needs of demanding customers.

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1. How should Vizomax TV screen protector be cleaned?

Please use only LCD cleaner or cleaning wipes. DO NOT use any windows cleaners. Those can potentially damage the TV screen protector.†


2. Who uses Vizomax TV screen protector?

Families with children

Pet owners

Gamers that may endanger the TV screen

Institutions - Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Police departments and a variety of other institutions†

3. Can the protector deflect a Wii remote?

No remote can breaker Vizomax TV screen protector. A thrown remote will bounce off the TV screen protector. Your TV will remain intact.


4. Are Vizomax TV Screen Protectors scratch resistant?

Yes! In addition to its incredible strength Vizomax TV screen protectors also have scratch resistant feature to prevent scratch from day to day activities.

5.How do I measure my TV so I know which size TV screen protector to order?

We recommend that you measure the screen diagonal. Measure the screen (without the frame) not the TV and refer to the product description.†









6. How do I install Vizomax TV screen protector on a flat-screen TV?

You simply hang the TV screen protector on the top of the TV frame (bezel).

The Velcro Security strap prevents the screen protector from being accidentally removed from the TV. Just connect the strap to the Vizomax opening and snap it tight around the TV base or TV Wall mount.††††

Velcro pads are optional and can be attached to the front of the TV frame. After installation the reclosable fasteners allow easy snap on/of detachment for cleaning.


7. How many times can the TV screen protector be detached from the TV for cleaning?

For many customers removing the screen protector happens years after installation. There is virtually no restriction for the number of times you remove the protector, since the reclosable fasteners can be detached (snapped on/off) thousands of times without wear. Hence, they have a longer useful life than the TV itself.†


8. How do you Permanently remove Vizomax TV screen protector from the TV?

If you have used the Velcro pads you can snap off the protector and remove the security strap.

The Velcro pads glued on the frame can be removed cleanly by applying light heat (using a hair drier). Please see your user manual for details.

9. What is the weight?

2 lbs for the 26 inch to 16 lbs for the 80 inch TV screen protector


10. My new LED TV has virtually no frame, would Vizomax install properly?

Yes. Vizomax is designed to hang on top of the TV and is sagely secured to the TV support. The attachment tabs on the front are for additional support and can be trimmed to attach to very narrow frames.


11. What is the protector thickness?

We recently doubled the strength of the material used and reduced the protector thickness to accommodate the ongoing TV innovation. The old 1/4 inch protectors were too heavy for the newer thin TVís that have stands and mounts not designed to carry the excess weight of a 1/4 protector. Our new 1/8 inch material is double reinforced and provides the same protection and better viewing at half the thickness.††


12. Can I cut my Vizomax screen protector.

Yes you can use a hacksaw to make small cuts. Please use file or sand paper to remove any sharp edges after you make any cuts. For large cuts along the side or the bottom you will need a professional saw that some hardware stores have in use.


13. What forms of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards, checks and Purchase Orders (PO).


14. What do I get when I order?

(1) Vizomax TV screen protector ready to attach to your TV

(2) Attachments

(3) Security strap

(4) Manual.


100% Clear

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